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IDEAS Italian Dialogues on Excellence, Arts and Science
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IDEAS Italian Dialogues on Excellence, Arts and Science

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual
An audiovisual project illustrating Italian excellence in different creative fields and fields of production and knowledge.

IDEAS Italian Dialogues on Excellence, Arts and Science tells the stories, faces and experiences of an innovative, virtuous, polycentric Italy. Five documentary portraits dedicated to Italian excellence in specific sectors of the arts and knowledge.

  • Business and Society: Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica (world-leading manufacturer of high-performing Made in Italy electric motorcycles), highlights the potential of the Italian automotive sector, which has always been associated with excellence and is ready to take up the challenges of environmental sustainability.
  • Architecture and Design: Orizzontale, a collective of young roman architects, focuses on the urban regeneration of peripheral areas, with particular attention to new forms of interaction between citizens and urban commons.
  • Arts and Heritage: Gianluca D’Incà Levis, creator of Dolomiti Contemporanee, explores the juncture between landscape and contemporary art, focusing its attention on the recovery and regeneration of mountain environments through arts and culture.
  • Science and Research: Francesca Santoro, biomedical engineer of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, talks about her innovative research projects, from the 3D photovoltaic patch that accelerates the regeneration of damaged areas of the skin, to the first model of biohybrid artificial synapse, capable of making biological neurons and neuromorphic chips talk to each other.
  • Scenic and Performing Arts: Simone Merico, Vice Chairman and Chief Business Officer at Balich Worldwide Shows, tells what it means to be an “emotion engineer” in a leading company in the organization of major live events and Olympic ceremonies.

Five personal and collective stories, which focus on the stories, supply chains and processes of a rich and diversified territory. Five protagonists, a choral expression of a community committed to reflecting on the major themes of contemporary debate: environmental sustainability, progress, urban regeneration, social integration.

A series able to revive, even to an international audience, the image of a country that’s alive and constantly changing.

The series is available on and on dedicated social channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. For information write to


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