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International Dance Day
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International Dance Day

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
The initiatives of the Farnesina for the arts of movement.
Diary of a Move

Since 1982, 29 April is the International Dance Day, established by the UNESCO International Dance Council to promote the art of movement.

In 2021, in view of this initiative, italiana commissioned a special project: the documentary Diary of a Move, a project by Masako Matsushita, a film by Matteo Maffesanti.

Dance is also one of the leitmotifs of new and original video productions by ‘Vivere all’italiana sul palcoscenico’.

The movements of the choreographer and dancer Daniele Ninarello are intertwined with the songs of the singer-songwriter Cristina Donà and the images of the visual artist Saverio Lanza in the show ‘Universo nella testa‘ (The Universe in your Head), by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa and Associazione Culturale Codeduomo.

The fusion of prose, dance and art is at the centre of ‘Creazione‘ by Nestor Saied and Silvia Luzzi (Evolution Dance Theater), while in ‘Difficult Lovers‘ by Teatro Libero Palermo Onlus, Evgeny Kozlov and Luca Mazzone give life to an original theatre/dance creation, where different characters intertwine along the road of love.

While in ‘JUMP!‘ by Opera Bianco dance is the answer to the search for harmony and dialogue between the rhythm of man and that of the world, with ‘Gelsomina Dreams‘ the blucinQue company, which has always specialized in dance theatre, reinterprets the atmosphere of the great master Federico Fellini in a contemporary key.

Happy Dance Day!

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