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Let's talk about archaeology
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Let’s talk about archaeology

Categories: Archaeology and Heritage
A companion to Italian archaeological missions abroad.
Parliamo di archeologia - Appia
Parliamo di archeologia – Appia

The section ‘Let’s talk about archaeology’, edited by Andrea Balletta e Gianluca Biscardi, is intended as a companion to Italian archaeological missions abroad, offering insights on their aims and related issues, as well as an interactive map with links to the missions’ datasheets. In addition to archaeological topics, this section also covers other fields of interest such as anthropology, ethnology, paleontology, history of art, restoration and conservation.

It presents original contributions and media, as well as papers and articles by directors and specialists involved in these Italian archaeological missions. Suggestions will be provided from time to time, in order to make it easier to understand – without neglecting technical accuracy – the activities, fields of interest, aims, terminology and curiosities related to these subjects.

The section opens with an introduction (arranged in parts) to the History of Italian Archaeology in Italy, to then delve into the main operational contexts and fields of study of Italian archaeology abroad, thus creating a varied but consistent ‘archive’ of information available to all interested parties.
Contents are edited by the Italian Archaeological Missions Abroad Section of Office VI and aims to illustrate the activities in which it is involved, also with reference to collaborations with other Offices and with both public and private institutions.

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