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“Aldo Moro” Italian School - Bucharest
Portal of the Italian language

“Aldo Moro” Italian School – Bucharest

The “Aldo Moro” School is an Italian Primary and Secondary School founded in 1975 thanks to the initiative of a few Italian families linked to the Embassy and Consular Office. Subsequently, the project was pursued to meet the educational needs of Italians living in Romania. Thanks to increasing interest by Romanian families, the School has expanded continuously, offering a multicultural education and promoting bilingualism; this has enriched the curriculum and established the school as an integrated feature of Romanian society. In recent years, the school has been attended by mainly Italian-Romanian pupils and, in 2007, it was recognized as a state-authorized private school by the Italian authorities. Subjects are taught in Italian, but Romain has been part of the curriculum and used as a vehicular language since the academic year 1997/98 . English is also taught on the school curriculum. The curriculum follows the Italian national model and the teaching staff are made up of Italian and Romanian staff who work under the coordination of a director-headteacher.

Order and rank: Primary School - Lower Secondary School - Upper Secondary School (Liceo Linguistico/specializing in Foreign Languages)

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