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Comprehensive Italian State School of Addis Ababa
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Comprehensive Italian State School of Addis Ababa

Italian state school in Ethiopia opened in 1956 with the establishment of the “De Amicis” primary school. This was followed by the “Virgilio” lower secondary school in 1957 and the Technical Institute “Galilei” in 1959.
The first regulation of Italian Schools in Addis Ababa is found in the Bilateral Agreement for Cultural Cooperation, signed on 5 April 1973, and later renewed several times until 1997. In the lower and upper secondary school, there is a bilingual and bicultural programme that combines the Italian and local curricula, also using local teachers, in an attempt to make it easier for Ethiopian pupils to enter all levels of local schools or universities. This goal was achieved with the admission of all students who graduated from the school to the Ethiopian University. The subjects of the local education system included in the curriculum are Amharic and English with Amharic.

Order and rank: Primary School – Lower Secondary School – Upper Secondary School (Liceo delle Scienze Umane/specializing in Social sciences and humanities, Economic and Social specialisation – Technical Institute Administration, Finance and Marketing – Technical Institute Construction, Environment and Territory)

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