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Istituti Medi Italiani - Italian State Secondary School of Istanbul
Portal of the Italian language

Istituti Medi Italiani – Italian State Secondary School of Istanbul

The state school “Istituti Medi Italiani” includes the Italian state lower secondary school, which is located in the consular building and, in compliance with local legislation, is reserved for non-Turkish students only, and the Italian state Liceo Scientifico, also open to Turkish students. The school awards academic qualifications valid in both countries. The liceo lasts four years and is preceded by a preparatory year in which students learn the Italian language.

The history of Italian schools in Istanbul dates back to 1861, when an evening school was opened for the Italian community in Istanbul. This was followed by a nursery and primary school. Another organization active in Istanbul at the end of the 1800s was the “Workers’ Mutual Aid Association”, which promoted the opening of the “Royal Primary and Lower Secondary School”, which began teaching in 1885. This school was officially recognised in 1888, under the laws on emigration and education issued during the first Crispi government and was open to both Turkish and Italian citizens. For this reason, 1888 is considered the year of foundation of the first Italian state school in Istanbul. In 1920, the current building hosted the following courses: Lower Secondary School, Italian Liceo, Vocational Training Course, the Business School and a foundation course for pupils from non-Italian primary schools. After the proclamation of the Turkish Republic on 29 October 1923 and the Treaty of Lausanne, foreign schools operating in Turkey before 30 October 1914 were awarded the status of full equality with Turkish educational institutions.

Today, the IMI promotes the individual shaping of young Italian and Turkish pupils and values their dimension as citizens of Europe and the world. To this end, the education is developed through the Italian and Turkish cultures, in the spirit of common principles and respect for diversity, within the framework of a programme that offers young people a broad and shared vision of reality. The educational offer is based on humanistic and scientific values, in the wake of Italian pedagogical tradition and, at the same time, is firmly rooted and delivered in the two Italian and Turkish education systems. Language, culture and science drive the school project, which aims to form bicultural young people who have matured in an environment combining the values of both countries and through language mediation.


Order and rank: Lower Secondary School, Upper Secondary School (Liceo Scientifico/specializing in Sciences)

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