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Istituto di Cultura Italica of La Plata – Italian secondary school
Portal of the Italian language

Istituto di Cultura Italica of La Plata – Italian secondary school

On 29 June 1896, the “Scuola Italiana di La Plata” society was founded in La Plata, with the objective of providing children of both sexes and any nationality with education in the Italian and Argentinian language according to the local laws. The initial philosophy was based on “love and brotherhood”, precisely because of the openness towards the whole community regardless of gender or origin, bringing together not only Italian descendants but also all those who love the Italian language. This philosophy carried the seed of the biculturalism that would later become a distinctive feature of the school. The school has been in its current location since 1912, which was designed and built in the city centre and it is today considered a site of national heritage. The educational offer complies with all the regulations in force in Argentina but does not deny its origin, which gives it its mark of the Italian immigrants who contributed to the country’s growth not only with labour, but also with culture. In 2003, the school was officially authorized by the state.

Order and rank: Lower Secondary School – Upper Secondary School (Liceo Scientifico/specializing in Sciences – Applied Sciences specialisation)

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