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Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg
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Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg

The Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg is an institution dependent on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation whose mission is the Promotion of the Italian Language and Culture in Northeastern France (Grand Est Region – departments 08, 10 , 51, 52, 54, 55, 57, 67, 68, 88, 90).

It welcomes both specialists and students and a large public passionate about Italy, offering a place for exhibitions, concerts, conferences and screenings. The institute also provides Italian Language Courses of all levels and a library equipped with more than ten thousand significant works of Italian Culture: all the Italian literary classics and numerous essays on a wide range of subjects.
The aim of this diversified activity is mainly promotional: to promote knowledge of the Italian language and culture in its area of competence.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Strasbourg promotes the Italian Language and Culture on the basis of a Cultural Project within the framework of which it cooperates with the local French Cultural Institutions and the institutions of all nations operating in its area of competence and willing to take part.

The purpose of this Cultural Project is to discover and reinvent the idea of others different from ourselves, to rediscover and reinvent the idea of the “Other”.

To promote Italian Culture with a view to the integration of peoples, the construction and affirmation of common ideals and perspectives while respecting the diversity and uniqueness of each culture.

Its missions and functions (pursuant to Art. 03 of the Italian Law no. 401/1990)

  • To establish relations with institutions, communities and figures of culture and science in the host country and favour proposals and projects to improve the knowledge of Italian culture and the situation in Italy;
  • To organize and hold cultural events and exhibitions;
  • To support initiatives for the cultural development of Italian communities abroad, to foster both their integration in the host country and their cultural relationship with their homeland;
  • To promote and disseminate the Italian language, working in collaboration with the universities of the host country and with the Italian language assistants operating at these universities;
  • To provide documentation and information on Italian culture and related institutions;
  • To ensure collaboration for Italian scholars and students in their research and study abroad.

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