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Italian primary and nursery school - Smyrna
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Italian primary and nursery school – Smyrna

The Italian primary and nursery school of Smyrna was established in 1887 when the Sisters of Ivrea arrived in the city, entrusted by the President of the Council of Ministers of the time, Hon. Francesco Crispi, with the task of educating the children of Italian families residing there.
It is currently the only Italian school in Smyrna, located in Alsancak district, in a historic building in the city center which, in addition to its charm, also offers a tree-lined garden, a space dedicated to students’ moments of fun.
Over the years, Italian and Turkish history have intertwined within the walls of this school, and when the Italian Military Nucleus, serving N.A.T.O., was formed in Smyrna, many children from different nationalities signed up, benefiting from a multi-ethnic environment and a human formation conducted through the acceptance of different cultures. The pupils of the school also come from Italian and foreign families who moved to Turkey for work reasons, in well-known industries in the area.
Primary school consists of a multi-class, which follows the Italian ministerial program and uses the same textbooks adopted in Italy. Starting from the 2016/2017 school year, the Italian School has enriched its educational offer thanks to the collaboration with the Education and Culture Arkas Foundation by Lucien Arkas, equipping itself with thematic classrooms, renewing its design and introducing the study of French language, in addition to Italian, Turkish and English, always focusing on the principles of cooperation, interculturality and hospitality.

Order and rank: Nursery School - Primary School

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