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“Maria Montessori” Nursery School - Barcelona
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“Maria Montessori” Nursery School – Barcelona

The Nursery School was founded in the early 1900s, when the Italian School was created in Barcelona through a private initiative of the Italian charitable society “Società Italiana di Beneficenza e Mutuo Soccorso”, now the “Casa degli Italiani”. On 10 October 1930, it was officially established and inaugurated by Italian pedagogist Maria Montessori, after whom it is currently named. During the academic year 1988/1989, it was administratively and legally separated from the Primary School, becoming an Italian Private Nursery School abroad and obtaining recognition as a state-authorized private school in 2009. The “Maria Montessori” Italian Nursery School is now a centre of education, part of a schooling project that goes right through to Upper Secondary School, featuring multilingual education (Italian, Catalan, Spanish and English) as a tool to build bridges between cultures at national, European and global level. The school follows the National Guidelines for Nursery School Curricula and primary education. The specific learning objectives focus on the development of individual identity, the achievement of autonomy, the development of skills and the development of a sense of citizenship. The school is also part of the environmental education project “Escoles + Sostenibles” (More Sustainable Schools) to increase environmental awareness among pupils and families and promote actions of environmental improvement. Finally, the school is part of the BISA SCHOOL (High Quality International Schools) association in Barcelona.

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