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Italian Mission in Tell Afis and Jazr (Idlib-Syria)
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Italian Mission in Tell Afis and Jazr (Idlib-Syria)

‘Research, protection and conservation in Tell Afis and Jazr (Idlib-Syria)’.

University of Firenze, Piazza S. Marco 4, 50121 Firenze (FI), Italy.

The project, active since 1986 and led by Prof. Candida Felli, involves research, monitoring and safeguarding of the archaeological sites of the Jazr Plain (Idlib NW) and Tell Afis, a fortified centre from the late Chalcolithic age (4000-3500 BC) and Bronze Age (3000-1200 BC), identified by the Aramean capital Hazrek (9th and 8th century BC) and the Neo-Assyrian capital of Hatarikka (7th- 5th century). This includes the publication of results, the organization, arrangement and restoration of materials in the Idlib museum, the museumization of the Tell Afis site.


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