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Italian Mission in Umm-el-Breigat (Egypt)
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Italian Mission in Umm-el-Breigat (Egypt)

‘Archaeological excavations in Umm-el-Breigat (Tebtynis).

University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy.

The project, active since 1988 and currently led by Prof. Claudio Gallazzi, was established by the University of Milan and the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology (IFAO) in Cairo. It aims to trace the history and reconstruct the urban development of ancient Tebtynis, a village founded around 1800 BC and inhabited until the 12th century AD, combining the data collected during archaeological excavations and those provided by written documentation. It also seeks to safeguard the site and make it more accessible to visitors by undertaking suitable restoration.

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