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Italian Mission in Paleokastër (Albania)
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Italian Mission in Paleokastër (Albania)

‘Archaeological excavations, Research and Valorization of the Fortress of Palokastër (Gjirokastër)’.

University of Macerata, Via Crescimbeni 30/32, 62100 Macerata (MC), Italy.

The project, active since 2018 and led by Prof. Roberto Perna, aims to continue the research already started by the University of Macerata and the Archaeological Institute of Tirana in the Fortress of Palokastër on the basis of a three-year programme (2018-2020), also for the purposes of enhancing and managing the site through its inclusion in the strategic management plan of the Drino Valley already implemented in collaboration with the Regional Institute of Cultural Monuments of Gjirokastër (DRKK).

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