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Italian School "Roma" - Algiers
Portal of the Italian language

Italian School “Roma” – Algiers

The Italian School “Roma” in Algiers was opened by virtue of a bilateral agreement between the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria and the government of the Italian Republic, signed in Algiers on 14 November 2016. The school, which includes a nursery, primary school, lower and upper secondary school specialized in Foreign Languages (Liceo Linguistico), is recognized as a state-authorized private school, and it is authorized to award academic qualifications that are equivalent to those awarded by Italian state schools. As well as offering students the necessary education, the school also teaches them the art of living among different cultures, the ability to understand others through integration and to seek the cultural wealth created by differences. Indeed, the school population is incredibly varied: there are Italian, French, Spanish, Belgian, Polish, American, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian, Argentinian and Tunisian students, as well as a large number with dual nationality. This is why the Scuola Italiana has launched the EsaBac project, which offers secondary school students the opportunity to earn the double qualification of Italian Diploma and French Baccalaureate at the end of their course. In fact, despite being an Italian and international school, the school is in a largely French-speaking environment: French is the second language of many students from Italian-Algerian families and it is also the most common language among the other international students, after Italian. The double diploma enables students to continue their studies directly in both the Italian and French education systems.

Order and rank: Nursery School – Primary School – Lower Secondary School – Upper Secondary School (Liceo Linguistico/specializing in Foreign Languages - EsaBac programme)

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