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Italian Mission in Thignica, Carthage and Uchi Maius (Tunisia)
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Italian Mission in Thignica, Carthage and Uchi Maius (Tunisia)

‘Archaeological Research and Valorization’.

Project by the University of Sassari, Piazza Università 21, 07100 Sassari (SS), Italy.

The University of Sassari – Department of History, Human Sciences and Education works with the Scientific Society Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Cartagine to extend research on urbanization in Proconsular Africa by pursuing the projects in Tunisia and making use of the results achieved in Carthage and Thignica (once Uchi Maius, Agbia, Thugga, etc.); examples of settlement, religious and public continuity in the transformation of spaces and their adaptation to new cultural contexts. Research has been active since 1995 led by Prof. Paola Ruggeri.


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