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"Vittorio Montiglio" Italian School - Santiago de Chile
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“Vittorio Montiglio” Italian School – Santiago de Chile

In 2005, the “Vittorio Montiglio” school was recognized as a state-authorized private school by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This recognition constitutes one of the pillars of the school’s educational programme, as it allows students to access the content and methodologies of the Italian and European ministerial programmes. Furthermore, upon completion of their studies, students receive a Diploma that allows them to apply to several EU universities under the same conditions as European students, as well as to all higher education institutions in the rest of the world that have an agreement with the EU. The School promotes bilingual and multicultural education and values the multidimensionality of individuals. It is an educational institution that seeks to shape Chilean and Italian citizens to be citizens of the world, with the memory of their roots, but aware that they are members of a single community.

The school is named after Vittorio Montiglio, the son of an Italian from Piedmont who emigrated to Chile at the end of the 19th century. Montiglio was the protagonist of various acts of heroism that made him worthy of the Gold Medal for Valour. After the war, he returned to South America on an official mission on the behalf of the Italian government. This young army lieutenant was in continuous dialogue with many young people, he taught by example to foster a deep love for the homeland, the same love that he showed in defending Italy wounded by war. The great admiration and affection of the Italians in Chile are also demonstrated by the name of this School, which has welcomed many generations of young descendants for more than a century.


Order and rank: Nursery School – Primary School – Lower Secondary School – Upper Secondary School (Liceo Scientifico/specializing in Sciences - Applied Sciences specialisation)

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