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'Let’s Choose Three Words': the Project dedicated to Innovative Italian Language is now launched
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‘Let’s Choose Three Words’: the Project dedicated to Innovative Italian Language is now launched

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The initiative, opened to the students of the Italian secondary schools abroad, aims to enhance reflection on neologisms.

Scegli tre parole
Scegli tre parole

‘Let’s Choose Three Words’ is a new educational project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation-Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy, “Ufficio V”.

Students of the Italian secondary schools, the Italian sections and the European schools abroad are invited to write some texts in Italian
focusing on neologisms.

Within the European Year of Youth and the theme of the next edition of the Week of Italian Language in the World (“Italian Language and the Youth”), the project aims to motivate young students to practice Italian language in a more and more conscious way.

The initiative focuses on the extremely rich vocabulary of any living language, which continually evolves, is particularly open to socio-cultural, political, and economic changes. Indeed, language is a useful and essential tool to analyse and study our history and culture, to understand our society, and to figure out our future world and Italian language through new linguistic patterns. Moreover, contemporary Italian language and new Italian words are the result of processes of contamination with dialects, regional idioms, and other foreign languages. All these changes show that Italian is a complex and increasingly multicultural language.

Students belonging to the same class, under their teacher’s guidance and working in groups, must select a period of Italian history, starting from the 1960s. Then, they will have to choose three neologisms of Italian language, which, in their opinion, best identify and represent the selected period. Consequently, students will write a 500-word text to explain and justify their choices. Finally, they will select three neologisms belonging to the language of the country where they study, and will compare them with the three Italian neologisms previously chosen.

To register students of one or more classes, teachers can send an e-mail to by 22 April 2022.

Information on how to register and write the texts can be found in the project presentation.

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